Thursday, 29 January 2009

EU's View Of The EU

Was struck by the following from the Open Europe Press Summary of today:

European Parliament: “Most laws enacted in your country are a transposition of European acts voted by MEPs”

On his FT Brussels blog Tony Barber looks at the upcoming European Parliament elections due to be held in June. He notes that the Parliament’s website has a section setting out “10 good reasons to vote” and that reason number six “spells out the reality of lawmaking in today’s EU” as it states: “Many, probably most, laws enacted in your country are a transposition of European acts voted by MEPs.”

The website referred to is basically an attempt to boost voter participation in the forthcoming EU elections taking place in June this year. The 10 reasons given for voting are both laughable and patronising in content.

What it does not mention is that, to take the UK as an example, if we returned 72 Eurosceptic MEPs it would in no way benefit the UK as they would only number 10% of the total MEPs, and would have no chance of affecting EU policy, which is the reason they are putting forward for voting. The website then has the temerity to suggest that if you don't vote, don't complain!

Another point it also fails to mention is that Europe comprises, generally, socialist democracies whilst the UK is more of a libertarian democracy (or it was until this Labour government decided to quietly change it!), so any libertarian views of democracy will never get a majority in the toy parliament.

Whilst we may be governed by simplistic fools, aka Euroidiots, I do wish the EU would not assume that the UK electorate are simplistic fools.

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