Friday, 30 January 2009

Gordon Brown 'Orders' More Council Houses

Precis of a headline to an article in the Times.

Leaving aside the point that Gordon Brown is acting more and more like a dictator, with his prevalence to issue his 'diktats', what amused me was the first comment, at the foot of the Times article, which I reproduce:

"We need to start freeing up under-occupied family-homes by encouraging the over 50 empty-nesters to consider a new way of living. By encouraging our ageing homeowners to downsize from their old family homes to more suitable retirement properties, the Government would find their projected need for three and four-bedroom properties could be dramatically scaled-back

Peter Girling CEO Girlings Retirement Options, Taunton, UK"

We all know that the government is offering 'bail-outs' to all and sundry, but to expect the government to do a company's marketing for them is, I think, a step too far. Listen Mr. Girling, you want to promote your company then do it by means of the normal commercial process and, please, do not get on the 'bandwagon' of those trying to tell people how they should live their lives.

By what right do you describe those over 50 as 'empty-nesters'? Those still wishing to live in their family home, in which they may well have reared their children and of which they have fond memories which they wish to continue enjoying for as long as possible, do so by choice - their choice.

Remember the word choice, Mr. Girling? It is something which you wish prospective clients to exercise in order that your company's profits increase. I would suggest you let them exercise that right and not expect the government to 'encourage' them to make a choice they do not yet wish to.

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