Friday, 16 January 2009

Gypsy Site May Get £500,000 'Insults Barrier'

A post that is, no doubt, going to upset some readers but one for which I make no apology!

An article in today's Daily Telegraph (unfortunately, once again, no 'on-line' link which always seems to happen to the interesting stories), headlined as above, relates the story of how some 'travellers' are being 'discriminated' against by passing motorists with noise filtering down from passing traffic.

"The travellers have complained about the constant rumble of traffic from a nearby dual carriageway. They also claim their lives are being made a misery by lorry drivers beeping horns, flashing lights and shouting obscenities as they drive along a stretch of the a14, which passes the Blackwell site in Milton, Cambridgeshire."

The paper also reports "The council has already secured a £15,000 grant to widen and improve the entrance to the site."

Listen, you lot. You are 'travellers' - if you don't like where you are, then 'travel'! For a group that is renowned for not paying their 'social dues' (income tax, council tax etc), you really do have a blasted cheek!
It is a farce that taxpayer's money (tax = something that you have no desire to pay into) should be used to alleviate your self-made problem.

Thought for you - there are a further 26 countries you could try your luck in - so 'go try'! Even better, why don't you 'go try' and live in Russia and Putin (sorry, typo - should have read 'put in') a request like this to the governing body there? Probably because you would then be forced to take part in an enforced training course of 'subterranean extraction of sodium chloride'?


Anonymous said...

If this was a council or private estate you would have no problem with sound proofing against traffic noise. It happens all the time. In this case it is a council site. The council put it between a sewage works and the motorway. For this the Travellers pay rent and council tax. Again, if a private or council housing estate you would not be making generalisations about whether tax was paid. To be honest you just do not know.Does that mean if you do not think a person is paying tax, without any proof, they should be subject to loud traffic noise ?
As for 'they should travel' You would be the first to object if Gypsies turned up on open land near you. In reality Gypsies are not allowed to travel in this country. They are forced to settle on council or private sites.
When Gypsies do settle or legal sites, even next to a sewage works, you object when they want similar rights to non Gypsy people!
As for going to the other 26 countries. Why ? It is like me saying "You don't like it here so, with your views, go to Russia !

Witterings From Witney said...

Presumably the road was there prior to the settlement, ergo you choose to live next to a major road, you accept the noise.
So they pay taxes? In which case they are amongst the minority that do then. I don't care whether they are from Mars, anyone choosing to live in this country accepts the onus of integrating and not demanding 'special treatment' which Travellers are renowned for; such as settling on land without permission and then demanding they be allowed to stay there. I repeat if any 'immigrant' does not like it here then find somewhere else to live. Also I have to say the paucity of your last comment shows the lack of understanding you have about what is wrong with this country. If you wish to debate on this blog then please do debate sensibly, otherwise future comments will be rejected