Monday, 26 January 2009

How To Cure 'Sleeze' - Some Thoughts

Thinking out loud, yet again, on the above.

Should not any MP be banned from having any 'external' employment, on the basis that (a) they are 'public servants' and (b) they get paid a perfectly acceptable salary, allowances and expenses; all out of taxpayer's money? If an MP wishes to write a book, or a newspaper article, should not that fee be paid to a charity (and by charity I mean a charity in the strict sense of the word) of the MP's choice? Likewise any MP receiving remuneration as a result of previous employment in the 'family firm', or still being an employee of that 'family firm', should also be forced to sever their links with that organisation.

Should not this apply to members of the House of Lords too? Such members receive a 'daily attendance allowance' and, no doubt, a pension as a result of their previous employment, (be that an ex-MP, ex-councillor or an ex-employee of any state body) and in the case of an ex-state employee that pension, as with their daily attendance allowance, coming from taxpayer's money.

The above also applies to any local authority councillor who is a member of a cabinet, any local authority employee and any bureaucrat employed by any state-funded organisation; in other words anyone in a 'managerial' position with decision-making responsibilities.

To those I say: You wish to become a public servant, devote your working life to the betterment of your fellow man, then there is a price and that price involves having to make a hard choice - principles or money?

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