Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Messianic Message?

It would seem, from the on-line media reports, that a new Messiah has been born. Like everyone else they appear to have forgotten we are a few years ahead of America and that, invariably, we have heard the message before and experienced the resulting mayhem.

Remember, back in 1997 the UK had its own Messiah who, whilst more verbose than President Obama, spelled out the errors of his predecessors, and promised a bright new world. He disappeared, promises unfulfilled, and mutated into a Brown (forgive the pun) version who has not done any better, in fact he has virtually bankrupted the UK.

Finally, with regard to one section of President Obama's speech, "we will .......... roll back the spectre of a warming planet", perhaps the media should be reminded that, just a few years ago, we had a chap - name of Canute - whose courtiers told him he was so great he could command the tides of the sea.

To sum up in a few words: Been there, heard all that, got the 'T' shirt.

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