Friday, 16 January 2009

Miliband - War On Terror A Mistake

David Miliband - how, in the name of all that is holy, was this cretin given the same christian name as me?

Anyway - to continue.

David Miliband chose the Taj Mahal hotel in India's commercial capital, Mumbai, (that is Bombay to you and I) to remind the international community that "For a couple of years now, the British government has used neither the idea nor the phrase 'war on terror" and that to do so was "misleading and mistaken".

Showing how inept he is, could not our Foreign Secretary (Gordon Brown's 'Office Boy') have made a more blatant attempt to 'curry favour' with the incoming President of the United States?

Leaving that aside, if David (how it hurts me to type that) Miliband wishes to to be 'un-mislead' and 'un-mistaken' in what 'war on terror' really is, if he wishes to be reminded what poses a direct threat to "British citizens on British streets" really is; please come calling at my door, canvassing, and I will remind him - to such an extent that even the gorgeous and delectable Trixie would not even give him a second glance!

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