Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Remember Derek Hatton? - Another Socialist Nonentity!

A report in yesterdays Daily Telegraph did not seem to get much media coverage, or mention amongst the 'web community'. This report contained a statement which personally I found distasteful, mindless and which demonstrated the same total lack of respect I have for Mr. Hatton, that he  surely has for himself.

In an interview with the Cyprus Mail, one that he gave permission to be quoted 'word for word', he said:

"She more than anybody destroyed the world we knew in England and she created a situation which actually produced the financial problems we have now. She is responsible for the current mess.", continuing  "The worst thing that happened was Thatcher's mother didn't get an abortion,"

Showing what can only be classified as 'lack of taste' within the socialist mindset, it has to be pointed out that in the Daily Telegraph article there is not one quote of condemnation from any Labour politician - at least, not one that I have seen.

Contrast the space given by the media to this story, compared to that of the 'Prince Harry' and 'Sooty' stories!

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