Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Thought For The Day - And Days To Come

Developed over eight hundred years, the British idea of liberty has, since 1997, been eroded by this government's direct assault on our freedoms including that of speech and presumption of innocence to name but two examples. British liberty has been hard won during the course of these eight hundred years with millions dying in wars, civil and national, that both secured and then defended that liberty.

Yet since 1997 this government has, virtually hyperactively, produced more Home Office legislation than all other governments combined, in our history. As power of government increases, so does scope for its abuse; as power of government increases, conversely so the freedom of individuals decreases.

As a country we used to be known for our basic fundamental freedoms, sense of fair play as a society and for the democratic checks and balances that restrained the ability for our governments to interfere with our daily lives.

We have reached a nadir where we are, in effect, controlled by unelected and unaccountable quangocrats and council officials; who control almost our every thought, word and deed.

Through an 'Orwellian' type process New Labour has managed to, quietly, put in place a soft form of dictatorship without any public outcry. We are subjected to government by an organisation of whose membership we have been denied a choice, we are subjected to a form of local governance - the election of which has no real democratic 'end result' - and, worst of all, we are subject to national governance by a political 'elite' who are guided by an outdated and obviously unworkable creed.

It would also seem that the other main parties, like Labour, refuse to acknowledge that they are employees of the people and that they should represent the views of those who elect them.

Well, I for one have had enough! I want the country I used to know - returned!

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Henry North London said...

As the story goes, if you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will leap right out! The frog doesn't want to be in that hot environment. However, if you plop the frog into a pot of room temperature water and gradually turn up the heat, you can boil the frog alive.

Seems Labour are boiling us slowly