Sunday, 18 January 2009

An Upwardly Mobile Society

The present Labour Government has announced two ideas this week which, actually, beggar belief. The first is the appointment of Alan Milburn to help the Government create an upwardly mobile society; and the second is the Government's proposal to impose a duty on the public sector to 'promote equality' by selecting people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Why is it that the socialist mindset has yet to grasp one basic and obvious fact; that is we are not all 'equal', that there is a 'natural order' of capability in all areas - be they work or play (witness the pathetic attempt by Gordon Brown to play table-tennis - come to that we are all witnesses to his pathetic attempt at governing the country).

As Dominic Lawson says on TimesonLine, what is a desirable level of social mobility?

The entire problem, in my opinion, lies in the manner in which the Labour Party have, over the years, 'screwed up' our educational system in the name of 'equality'! That, coupled with the 'dependent state' they have bequeathed for generations to come!

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